Do Not Believe In Rumours About Furniture Mover Companies

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You must have often heard about various rumours that people generally circulate about various furniture mover companies and some of them are really not true. Here are some of the common rumours that we come across and also learn what the actual facts are.

1. Furniture mover company will insure your goods by default

You must have heard such things quite often, even if you reside in London or any other place in the world. However, the fact is quite different. Almost all London removals have third party cover. Under that cover, you are covered only if they encounter with any accident and your furniture gets damaged or unintentionally your property gets harmed. However, if your furniture gets damaged during transit or while remains in the storage, there is no insurance cover available. Therefore, while you examine their offer, you must be very clear about it.

2. All furniture moving companies provide short term storage facility

This is also a myth. This is not available with many of the London removal companies. Only a few of them have such facility made available. So, you need to specifically ask them to provide this facility.

3. You can move almost anything in their vehicle

This is also not true. If you have any heavy item to move then they may also refuse to load. You must therefore clarify this when you hire them. Otherwise at the last moment you may be inconvenienced.

4. Services of all companies are same and only price varies

There is lots of difference in their service quality and hence do not select your moving company only based on price.

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